Interview Julien

Hi, Julien,

You took part, in sending this picture, at the « Grunge Runner of the year » contest. More than 200 people took part at this event. They want to know everything about the big winner of this contest ! 

Question 1 : How would you define yourself as a Runner ? 

I am a runner « addict », if I miss a session or if I do not run for 2 days, I am very uncomfortable and ill be settled in me. As soon as I put on my shoes and RS4 SAUCONY helmet, I feel a rush of endorphins and I feel better

Question 2 : What is the reason for your participation at this contest ? 

The reason? Just delirium. The theme of the contest seemed very original to me and no decision of the head and especially not a gift to win.

Question 3 : What is the story of this picture ?

The eve of the trail Desvres, my number was on the table and friends challenged me saying,  unable taking a picture naked. This is the result

Question 4 : Why are you running ?

Uh, good question, I keep to myself,…

Question 5 :  What is your favorite race ?

The trail of the Opal Coast shows beautiful scenery and superb organization

Question 6 : What was your glory time ?

I passed the finish on the Paris marathon online. It was one year that I had set a challenge and I wanted to run long distance. Now, I aim higher than the marathon

Question 7 : What’s your next Running goal in 2014 ?

Make a top 10 to 6 hours running the Echo in June

Question 8 : For who is this victory ?

This podium is dedicated to every runner‘s as crazy as me

Question 9 : What question would you like me to ask you ?

No.Good and well I’ll pose in one more, did you do the sales?No, no sales this year. I am fortunate to have good sponsors.

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